Veteran Pakistani TV star Tariq Jameel Paracha has died.

With great sadness, we announce the passing of Tariq Jameel Paracha, a renowned Pakistani television producer and actor. Paracha had a creative career and worked on numerous television series. News of his death was initially announced by actor Imran Aslam, with Faisal Quraishi and Danish Nawaz later sharing the same news.

Tariq Jameel Paracha was initially a set designer for PTV (Pakistan Television) and later became a successful producer for PTV’s Karachi center. His debut drama “Aanch” starred Shafi Mohammad. Shah and Shugufta Ijaz become blockbuster hits Paracha’s skills and hard work have made him famous in the Pakistani showbiz industry. And his contributions will be remembered by many.

Tariq Jameel has been a producer for the national TV channel ‘PTV’ for many years. and later became a successful actor in Pakistani TV series. He has appeared in famous dramas like “Dil-e-Momin,” “Saat Pardon Main,” “Uraan” and “Piya Naam Ka Diya” Paracha’s contributions to the Pakistani entertainment industry will be remembered by fans. and his colleagues

See how the news of Pakistan’s multi-talented actor Tariq Jameel Pra’s death was announced by famous Pakistani actors on their social media.

As soon as the news of Tariq Jameel Paracha’s death spread on social media. People expressed their regrets like this.

Don’t forget to pray for the forgiveness of famous Pakistani actor Tariq Jameel Paracha in the comments section below. We pray that Allah grants the deceased a place in Heaven and grants patience to his family. Ameen!

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