Stylish left-handed Saim Ayub Bateman Bio

Saim Ayub is a famous Pakistani cricketer born on Friday 24 May 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. Find Saim Ayub Age, Wife, Net Worth, Weight, Height, Career, Family, Biography, Images and more. Get information about Saim Ayub’s major accomplishments or accomplishments.

Batter Saim Ayub spooning the ball reminds cricket fans of Saeed Anwar!

On Friday evening, Multan Sultans defeated Peshawar Zalmi by 56 rounds in the fifth match of the eighth running of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

However, Zalmi’s young talent, Saim Ayub, brought back memories of the famous Pakistani batsman Saeed Anwar.

Saim started his innings with a sealed drive and scored his first half-century to stabilize Zalmi’s innings.

Saim threw 53 passes with 37 passes with three boundaries and very high.

Playing the ball beautifully using his wrists is Saeed Anwar’s specialty, along with his great pace.

And that’s what cricket fans have seen with the batting style of the wrinkle line.

Here’s what the critics said when Saim Ayub faced the delivery:
There’s a hint of Brian Lara in him.
He reminds me of Saeed Anwar, the way he uses his wrist.

He always had a strong technique. But what he adds to his pack are these large images.
He knows how to play a special drive cover.

And the final verdict: Pakistan has found a new Saeed Anwar!

Watch how cricket fans react to Saim Ayub’s batsman.

Let’s go back in memory lane and see Saeed Anwar with the bat in action:

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