Neelam Muneer and Ahsan Khan’s Clicks

Munir made her acting career debut with the drama series Thoda Saasman. In 2018, she played a major role in the social program Umm-e-Haniya. That year she portrayed the role of Ulfat in the play. The deeply acclaimed Dil Mom Ka Diya is one of the most watched shows. She has now appeared in Kahin Deep Jaley inverse Imran Ashraf.

In 2017, Munir made her acting career debut with the inverse comedy thriller Chupan Chupai with Ahsan Khan. The film earned her a Best Actress nomination at the 2017 Lux Style Awards. 17 She later starred in Sami Khan’s light comedy Wrong No. 2, a spin-off to the 2015 film Wrong No.

The movie was released on Eid 2019. Both Chupan Chupai and Wrong No. 2 showed triumph in business. Munier played the character in the film Kaaf Kangana Haiya Bokhari of Dawn, noting that “Muneer didn’t break the shameful moves. She showed off with her eyes and appearance. Try to understand the discourse of this song.”

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Neelam Muneer exemplifies a sweet and cheerful woman who has mastered the art of shocking her fans at the sight of her. Although the 29-year-old singer is not a stereotypical singer, But it’s commendable that she’s taking it easy. in their own way easily

A bird’s-eye view of her private life Munir is an interesting personality when interviewed. Most recently, she appeared on the famous Chotiros TV show, where she revealed a lot about herself, but some of her scenes definitely caught her eye.

In addition to her acting on the television. The young Qayamat’s fame also skyrocketed when she was caught on the set of the best of Bollywood in a car.

Dancing with Mahi Ve Malaika Arora’s famous number, the gorgeous Neelam is seen playing jazz to fiery moves. Looking at your beautiful self

Host Chotirod Barastar also asked how she felt about the reaction she received from the video. And that affects her or feels hurt.

The 29-year-old actress calmly replied that she did not feel any pain. In fact, many people approached her and complimented her. while talking about disadvantages She said she loved it when people prayed for her to find the right path. “Allah Hidayat Day”

She also said that this is the best prayer for a person. And she was showered with so much love and admiration that the video post went viral.

In the end, Neelam concluded that she had yet to meet anyone who said bad things. about the video and say ‘What the hell is that!’ but people find it lighthearted and entertaining.

in terms of work Munner is reaching great heights with her amazing performance in the currently airing drama Qayamat.

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