Muhammed Nabi Epic Click With Family

Afghanistan struggles every day to cope with life. Like any other country, cricket is not just a form of entertainment. but the hope of the nation hope of a new dawn And Naby has been the torchbearer of it since 2009. He is the perfect player that every T20 team needs and is sought after by various franchises. You send him an order He can drop anchor.

You send over He knows how to tear a child’s skin. The team is in trouble. He took himself as the glue. As a villain, Nabi can tease you with his mischievous darts and destroy you with his faster darts. As a fielder, he’s as safe as home.

Whether it was his first World Cup victory against Scotland in 2015 or victory over the champions Windies in the 2016 T20 WC, Naby was there too. Even Gary danced to Gangnam after Afghanistan’s victory. Nabi was there too. He slips into the role you want him to play. The quintessential sage with the highest talent.

So he became the first Afghan cricketer picked by the IPL team. Sunrises knew they had stolen it by stuffing their priceless assets at 30 lakhs. He was far from as sharp as Dawlat or Shapoor Zadran, but he was and will continue to be Afghanistan’s guiding light into the future. His cricket pitch storyline follows a unique chronology. with drama elements in it

On tour to India during the 2000s, Mike Gatting noticed him when he played against visiting MCC teams. He later played for MCC, making his first-class debut with them. Nabi rose to prominence when he scored 11 goals in the 2009 ICC World Cricket League Division Three, helping Afghanistan advance to the 2009 ICC World Cup qualifiers after Afghanistan earned ODI status in that tournament. Scored 58 in his debut game against Scotland.

In Afghanistan’s first first-class game during the tournament Intercontinental Cup Nabi scored 102 goals in the first inning against the Zimbabwe XI the following year. Nabi made his T20I debut in February 2010 against Ireland. Later that year Nabi was named Afghanistan captain at the Asian Games. But Nawroz Mangal was restored to the title shortly after the match.

Nabi played for the Afghan Cheetahs team which competed in the Faysal Bank T20 Cup in Pakistan in 2011-12. In 2013, Nabi played for Bangladesh’s Sylhet Royals in the Premier League. He scored 16 goals in 13 games and was one of the tournament’s leading batsmen.

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