Laraib Khalid and Zarnab Fatima Tied Knot

Larib Khalid and Sarnab Fatima wed Famous Tik Tok and famous Pakistani actresses attended their wedding. The couple looked very happy on the occasion of the wedding, tying the knot. Famous Tiktok and famous Pakistani stars attended their wedding. The couple looked very happy on the occasion of the wedding.

Laraib Khalid is a Pakistani model, actor, singer and actor. Well known as a TikTok star, Youtuber and social media celebrity. He is well known in Pakistan for his amazing videos. Laraib has worked on popular shows like “Game Show Ayaisy Chaly Ga” with Danish Taimoor on Bol TV.

He was born in Gujarat, Punjab, Pakistan on May 25, 1994. He grew up in a middle-class family background. Laraib Khalid is now 28 years old. He lives with his family in Karachi, Sindh. th pakistan

Laraib Khalid family
Laraib is the only son of his parents. Laraib had no siblings. Khalid was Laraib’s father and he did not live with Laraib nor Laraib’s mother. Laraib may have been separated from his parents. Laraib’s mother worked as a lawyer in the High Court. he He shared the photo on Instagram.

After completing intermediate level He is now a student at BS Engineering.

Laraib Khalid’s boyfriend is Zarnab Fatima. She is also a doctor and social media personality. She is also a Tiktok Star and part of Game Show.

Laraib Khalid makes good money acting on YouTube and social media platforms. according to his acting career His value is between 3 trillion and 5 trillion.

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